Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rôle Rose dollar store makeup

I was at the dollar store a long time ago looking for something.. I dont remember what.. But they didnt have it so I ended up looking at the CHEAP makeup. I saw some eyeshodow palettes and swatched a little on my fingers. I was suprised by the pigmentation. The cashier said they were about $1.25 so I figured I would buy it. The sadows arent that bad for dollar store makeup, I'm suprised. I only found one website with this makeup --> Click here for the site, (I dont know if this site is reliable though because I havent bough anything from it) but if you find this at your local dollar store, see how you like it and get it there because its almost 75 cents cheaper in the store. If you like shimmery eyeshadow, just starting out with makeup, or just looking for dirt cheap makeup I would recommend this.


this pic of all the different palettes from the website

3 out of 5
5: top notch! worth buying
4: not too shabby
3: ehh not so bad
2: kinda sucks


  1. Oooh they're so pretty.

  2. You should get one. they're sooo cheap!

  3. Never seen it. lol
    Just some of the other Wild & Crazy brand. =/

  4. they sell them here..

    but i dunno if they're reliable because i never bought from there

  5. i was at family dollar yesterday and bought a $1 something eyeshadow palette w/ 5 shades. it is surprisingly pretty sweet. so yay for dollar store makeup. i'm gonna be writing a review about it soon. :] <3