Saturday, July 18, 2009

NYX pigments

Ive had my NYX pigments for a while and just came up with an idea to put them into my extra stackable containers... I was quite surprised at how much product is in these mini bottles, so I wanted to share with you... And if you don't have some already, get them!

Here's a little video on how i did this and how much friggen product comes out.. i was like WOW... maybe its just me LMFAO.

the bottom one is NYX pigments.. the rest are depotted NYX Jumbo Pencils.. I made a video on Youtube on how to depot NYX jumbo pencils.. Click HERE to watch!


  1. ooh I love the golds! very pretty hun x

  2. oooh, the gold pigment is so vibrant. <3

  3. Hey you.. What is the size of your stackable jar?
    Is it 10g?