Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update: Milk of Magnesia

Ok so, I went a whole stressful work day with Milk of Magnesia under my foundation as a primer.. I have to say this is going to be my new HG primer!

My makeup at the end of the day before was blotchy and disappointing. I applied my makeup at 2 AM (ugggh!) and it still looks the same 9 hours later. I am impressed and would recommend this to any of you to at least try it out. If it doesn't work you, you can just use it for what it's intentionally made for! :-P

At CVS you can get 12 OZ of Phillips Milk of magnesia for $5.99 or CVS brand thats 6 OZ for $2.79.. How can you beat that! I don't know about you guys, but instead of shelling out $20+ on primer and driving to the mall, I'd much rather go right down the street to CVS or Walgreens and get this. Plus this will last much longer then any 3 OZ high end primer out there.


  1. WHAT!I'm happy it worked!Gonna definitely give this a go just need to use up what I have now..Thanks kindly for the review!xo

  2. no problem! hope it works for you... make sure you make a video!!

  3. I had heard of using this before and was always a little sceptical! Does it have a funky smell to it at all?

  4. I was skeptical too.. But I like to try things out at least once. I was worried about if it would smell funky too but it is basically odorless. dont get the mint or cherry flavored one though!