Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saving $$ at drug stores

So I went to Rite Aid CVS and Walgreens this past week to get a few things.

My original plan was jut to get 3 items to be eligible for the Glam Bag at Rite Aid.

But I decided that I should shop around for the cheapest products at the three stores.

At Rite Aid I got three nail polishes by NYC which is on the list of products for the Glam Bag and they were only .99 cents each. Two Revlon lipsticks which were buy one get one 50% off, a CG lipstick and lipgloss that were BOGO.

At Walgreens I got two Rimmel Lipsticks that were BOGO. I also L'Oreal H.I.P Cream Shadow Paint for $3.19 and a Physichans Formula Pearls of Perfections Bronzer for $3.12. They had these bright orange stickers in front of them with the reduced price... that's why I love Wlagreens!! There's always something new with a price reduction, so go check it out.

At CVS I was going to get Mederma because I heard it was a good primer, but I didn't know it was $27.99! That's just too pricey for a drugstore product, I could just got to MAC and get a real primer for basically the same price. I got Monistat Chafing Gel instead which I heard was also good as primer. It was only $7.99 and seems to work well, my sin has actually cleared a little since using it.

So some tips before you go to one drugstore to get a few products, check the fliers online... See which store has the products you want at the lowest price.

Here's the links:

happy shopping!

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