Sunday, January 18, 2009

MINI Nars & mac haul

I don't know why I even titled this a haul because its only three things lol..

Nars Duo Eyeshadow(BellyDance)- I love Nars eyeshadows because they are so pigmented and the colors are so vivid. This duo has a deep purplish-red color that I love along with a beautiful metallic green. I wouldn't normally put the two colors together I use them separately.

MAC Brushed Metal-X (Gilded Ash)- Somehow I was convinced into buying this as a base instead of a dark paintpot.. Don't ask me why I chose this over a paintpot.. I regret buying this. I should have known! It creases under eyeshadow on my oily lids =[
*TIP- When you're shopping anywhere, not only MAC make sure you end up buying what YOU think is best for YOU, not what someone else tells you you should get (even the makeup artists there). No, I'm not putting down the MAC makeup artists because I think the ones that I've met are AMAZING! But I think they push you to or suggest that you should get certain things that haven't been selling..

Nars Blush (orgasm)- Everyone raves about this blush so I had to get it.. I wasn't really a blush person before, but I'm using blush more and more.. And this blush is beautiful!! It's buildable and gives me a really nice and natural color when applied lightly.

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