Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mac Haul =] 1/15/09

So, I've been shopping a lot! Here's the stuff that I've bought recently...
I got Blanc Type e/s because I noticed that i have way too many shimmery eyeshadows and need to build up my matte collection lol. Blanc Type (Matte²) is a creamy beige color, it has a great texture; almost creamy-like. I think its a great highlight.

I'm really diggin' purple right now and when I saw Fig. 1(Matte²) e/s I knew it would be a great crease color for smokey looks. Its an eggplant purple and is very pigmented love it!

Humid(Frost) e/s- I've been meaning to get Humid for the longest time! Every time I go to MAC, I always get caught up and forget about getting it.. And today when I went to MAC I dropped their humid display on the floor and it broke! I felt soo bad! Humid is an intense vivid green with shimmer & I love it, I know I'm going to use it a lot with my green looks.

Gesso(Matte) e/s is another color I've been meaning to get for a while, but always forget! I needed a Matte white color and Gesso is perfect.

Plumage(Matte) e/s is Dusky peacock bluish grayish color lol.. so hard to describe! I think it would go great with Humid and cant wait to do a look with this color!

Shale (Satin) e/s is a muted mauve-plum with subtle shimmer. This color is probably going to be my favorite eyeshadow.It doesn't look pretty the pan but on the lid, it's beautiful! Its soo pretty and is a good color for a smokey look. I like to use plum-purple colors because it brings out my eyes.

At this point my computer wouldn't upload anymore images for some reason but here's two lippies I got.... (click the name of the product to see the colors on the MAC website)

Soft Wave Lipglass (BBR) Tan bronze color. This lipglass is a great color for me if i want a kind of chrome look.

Viva Glam V Lipglass(frost) Neutral pink with pearl and Looks a little brownish. I wish it was a little more pigmented, but the color is very pretty.

Blankety Lipstick(Amplified Creme)Vaguely vacant soft pink beige. Very nude pink. I really like this color, but its a little light for me.. I just add a darker lipgloss on top.

Marquise D'(BBR) Sandy cream peach. May be up there with my top lipsticks! i love this color its a great neutral pink color for daytime. Need to buy more before BBR collection is gone.

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