Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: One 'n Only Argan Oil

My hair type: Dry, frizzy, thick, tight curls

Shampoo: This is probably the only shampoo I've used that after I wash out doesn't dry out my hair. Usually after shampooing my hair feels stringy and extremely dry. After using this shampoo I noticed my hair was actually smooth and felt extremely clean. This shampoo doesn't seem like it lathers as much as others I have used, but adding water while massaging it into my hair did make it more ''sudsy.'' I shampoo 2-3 times and by the 3rd time it did lather up more. The label says it is sulfate, phosphate and paraben free. It is also formulated for colored hair so I am happy about that.

Conditioner: This conditioner leaves your hair feeling great and moisturized. I brush my hair in the shower while the conditioner is in and this product made it easy to do so.

Hair Mask: Wow! this product is amazing and I felt the difference RIGHT away. While applying it, my hair felt so soft and silky I instantly fell in love. After washing this out my hair was shiner and my curls were beautiful. When my hair dried the shine remained and I definitely notice that it is not as dry and just looks healthier overall.

Oil Treatment: Helps with frizziness and adds shine. Definitely replacing the other oil treatment products that I have with olive oil with this.

It is safe to say that these 3 products work together magnificently. 

Rating: A

I would recommend this line to anyone with dry hair looking for a treatment to help repair damage.

My hair after using One 'n Only


no flash

keep smiling =]

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