Friday, October 2, 2009

high end or drugstore?

What do you feel you need to buy at department stores and what products do you feel fine with getting at drugstores?

Mascara - Drugstore I have a lot of mascara and only one of them is high end (Diorshow) I think that there are really great mascaras you can find at CVS walgrees etc... for like $6-$9 instead of spending $30 something on mascara that you're supposed to throw out in 6 months anyway! Here are some I really like......

Eyeshadow: Online: You can find great eyeshadow in drugstores, but I find myself wanting to only buy MAC eyeshadows. Because with MAC you know you're going get a great product that's pigmented and you wont be disappointed. Some drugstore eyeshadows just don't cut it. I find that the eyeshadow palettes from and almost everywhere else (eBay) are really good! You get a lot of shadows for a good price. They have a lot of great colors to choose from! Here are some of my faves.

Lipstick/Gloss: Drugstore: Don't get me wrong I love me some MAC lipstick! But in these tough times I try to find cheaper lipstick/ lipglosses. I realllly love Maybelline's Born With it Color Sensational lipstick!

Foundation/Powder: Department store: I'm always on the hunt for a great foundation! I always find ones that are OKAY, but not ones that I LOVE. The best foundation for me would be MAC studio fix fluid. its the closest my my hard to match complexion. MAC is also a great place to get foundation because you can try before you buy, which you cant really do at a drugstore... well you can buy I always feel like I'm stealing or something LOL

What do you ladies feel that you NEED to buy at department stores and what do you always buy at drugstores? Let me know!


  1. I'm addicted to Lancome mascaras. Right now I have Oscillation and Hypnose. I know I can get mascara cheaper at a drugstore but once I got hooked on the $30 stuff there was no going back! :)

  2. I know what you mean! Maybe I should try those